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i wonder. . . February 13, 2009

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dandy1what it would be like to live in another country.

do dogs think in words?

what it would be like to be homeless.

how many times a day do i blink?

why do i bite my nails?

why am i addicted to chapstick, aveeno lotion and washing my hands?

is it true that 1 out of 4 people are depressed?

how many words i read a minute.

why am i so impulsive?

is it true that everyone is connected by 6 people?

why do i lose so much hair in the shower?

why do i love ufc and action packed movies?

why can’t i watch romance movies or read romance novels?

will i be a good mother… no… a great mother?

why i’m never content with my hair.

how my life would be if my dad had never left.

where i would be if i didn’t have my mother to pick me up everytime i fall.

why i have a hard time showing my emotions to people.

why i feel that i’m never good enough.

how many people die a day?

is heaven really there?

would i have been a hippie if i lived in the 60’s?

will the economy get better?

will i always be a bridesmaid and never a bride?

how alicia deals with dad.

how some people sleep at night.

why i have the dreams i do.

how the accident didn’t kill me.

what people really think of me.

if i died, how many people would come to the funeral.

do madi’s tumors hurt her?

why spooky bites his collar.

do i snore when i sleep?

why do i only like perfumes that smell fruity?

how someone can not have a conscience.

how many lies i’ve told in my life.

what it would be like to live in NYC.

will i be a successful attorney some day?

why dogs’ feet smell like fritos?


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